Monday, June 12, 2006

Blog has moved - please update your feeds

I haven't posted anything for few days as I was actually busy choosing a hosting provider and moving the blog over to my own web site.

After several days of disgusting service from, looking at Doug's Oracle Blog hacked and reading Tom's Kidnapped Blog I decided to switch from free service to something more flexible and controllable. Some time ago I read that Doug was experimenting with WordPress and decided to give it a try. I have also done some research (well, just googled a bit) on popularity of blogging engines and WordPress definitely is a mainstream tool which is one of the main criteria I use to choose a piece of software.

Actually, everything went quite well. I was able to Import all entries from Blogger and even "hack" Blogger's template in such way that all old links on are automatically redirected to my new address at On my new web site I had to play with .htaccess file to make it working. Unfortunately, I don't have access to .htaccess file on Blogger - this was I had to use standard redirect meta tag which is not very well percieved by search engines, AFAIK. Using .htaccess search engines are normally update their links pretty well.


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